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Houston Athletics
Home of the Wildcats
Craig Knouff,  Athletic Director
5300 Houston Road
Houston, Ohio 45333
PH: (937) 295-3010 Ext. 3013
FX: (937) 295-3737

From the Athletic Director

Welcome to the 2016-2017 academic school year. As most of you know, this will be my first year as the Athletic Director at Hardin Houston School District. I am a graduate of The Houston High School, and I’m very excited to be returning to my home roots.

As the Athletic Director I will have high expectations for our students and their athletic performance. This not only includes their success on the court and field but also in how they carry themselves before, during and after the contest. Being a Houston Alum I understand the pride the school takes in being competitive in each individual sport, but what I have always admired most about the district is how the students, parents and community members have shown an incredible amount of sportsmanship and integrity during and after competitions. I am very honored to be a part of the Hardin Houston School district again.

Team Schedules can be found on the school website ( or at With the change to, the schedules are automatically generated using the school's contracts. This complicates coed schedules such as cross country and track so the schedules for those two sports will be linked to the varsity boy's schedules for their respective sports. Please check schedules frequently on the websites to stay updated throughout the season. Schedules change frequently.

Please make sure all student athletes are up to date on physical examinations and other required paperwork. Attendance at conditioning and practice is very important. Students without physicals on file will not be allowed to participate. Keep this in mind if you have a child planning on playing winter or spring sports.

Once more welcome to the new school year, and if you ever have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in contact with me.


Engraved Brick Pavers

Hardin-Houston Local School is currently selling personalized engraved paver bricks to residents, alumni and local businesses. The 4" X 8" pavers will be placed at the front entrance of the new building. The personalization may include your name, company name, recognition of military service, or in memory of loved ones. There will be approximately thirteen hundred pavers available, sold on first come, first serve basis. Please fill out the information below and attach your check of $50.00 payable to “Houston Athletic Fund.” For more information and the order form, click here.


Admission Prices

SCAL adopted athletic prices for 15-16 school year:

HS Volleyball and Basketball

Students:  $4.00

Adults:      $6.00


JH Volleyball and Basketball

Students:  $2.00

Adults:      $3.00


Adult and Student Activity Passes

For those of you who will be attending several contests during the school year, it may be wise to purchase an activities pass that guarantees you admission to all home sporting events (that does not include SCAL tournaments held at Houston). Activity passes are $85 for adults and $30 for students. There will be approximately 55 home contests throughout the school year at Houston. These passes can be a great bargain for many of you. Please note that the passes are not transferable. They can be purchased in the high school principal’s office or at the games.

Citizens who are at least 65 years of age and live in the Hardin-Houston School District are eligible for a Golden Wildcat pass. The Golden Wildcat Passes will be free once again this year. You will be asked to verify your age and address. Please call or stop by the high school office to inquire about the passes.

Mandatory Preseason Meetings

The Ohio High School Athletic Association requires the Houston High School Athletic Department to hold preseason informational meetings for parents and athletes in grades 7-12. A parent and athlete are only required to attend one of these meetings per school year. If a parent and athlete attend the fall meeting, the parent and athlete do not have to attend the winter or spring meetings. Please mark your calendars and plan accordingly. Again, this is a mandatory meeting and your child’s participation will be declined until the requirement is met.

Below is the list of meeting dates for the upcoming school years.
2017-2018 Mandatory Preseason Parent Meeting Dates
Fall Meeting - Monday, July 31, 2017 - 6:00 pm - Commons Area
Winter Meeting - Monday, October 16, 2017 - 6:00 pm - Commons Area
Spring Meeting - Monday, February 12, 2018 - 6:00 pm - Commons Area

Sports Schedules

Athletic Handbook and Eligibility Forms
Every athlete must meet our eligibility requirements and  comply with our athletic code of conduct. The links below provide more information:


Helpful Links for Wildcat Fans
Get tournament and other valuable information for our part of the state
Rules, OHSAA bylaws, tournament information, etc


Coaching Staff
        HS Cross Country
Ron Boeke, Bill McKinney,
Tyler Roeth
        Varsity Girls Basketball
Brad Allen
Zack Freeling, Assistant
        HS Girls Track & Field
Sharon Roeth
Glenn Brown, Assistant
        JH Cross Country
Ron Boeke, Bill McKinney,
Tyler Roeth
        Varsity Boys Basketball
Mark Platfoot
TBA, Assistant
        HS Boys Track & Field
Ron Boeke
Bill McKinney, Assistant
        HS Golf
Nate Fridley
        JV Girls Basketball
Haley Slonkosky
        Varsity Softball
Brent New
Tammy Vondenhuevel, Assistant
        Varsity Volleyball
Misty Gibson
TBA, Assistant
        JV Boys Basketball
Zach Barlage
       JV Volleyball
Haley Slonkosky
        Freshman Boys Basketball
Matt Beaver
        Varsity Baseball
Brad Allen
Jefferey Hillard, Assistant
        JH Volleyball
Gina Maier, Eighth Grade
Sara Mowery, Seventh Grade
        JH Girls Basketball
Tammy Vondenhuevel, Eighth Grade
Kristi Elliott, Seventh Grade
     JV Baseball
Chase Foster
        JH Boys Basketball
Lance Collum, Eighth Grade
TBA, Seventh Grade
        JH Girls Track & Field
Lisa and Robert Earl
Kim Voisard, High School
Tiffany Kemp, Junior High
        JH Boys Track & Field
Lisa and Robert Earl


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